Flat- Pack Stories (not quite the Booker prize)


Ruth F Hunt

When I get a piece of flat-pack furniture home, I always reach for the instructions. My friend on the other hand dives in, and as a result, many of her creations don’t look like they should do.

I suppose I take the same approach with writing. I wouldn’t dream of writing a novel without reading widely and daily.

Now that I want to write more short stories I’ve been on a mission to read as many as I can. It’s not that I’ve avoided reading them, I have, it’s just I read more novels than shorts.

To mark progress on this quest, I’ve decided to produce my own Flat-Pack Stories/not quite the Booker prize long list of short stories that I’ve enjoyed the most, so far.

I think I share Nicholas Royle’s view of Flash Fiction. I’m always left wanting more. However, on my long list are some flash fiction…

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Author: fcmalby

Award winning novelist and short story author. Debut novel, Take Me to the Castle, winner of The People's Book Awards 2013. Short fiction published in various online journals and anthologies. Hearing Voices (Kingston University Press, Summer 2015). Unthology 8 (Unthank Books, Nov 2015). www.fcmalby.com

4 thoughts on “Flat- Pack Stories (not quite the Booker prize)

  1. Hi Fiona,
    Thanks so much for reblogging this post!
    I really loved your story and my mum is now reading it, as she has strong connections to/with India. You truly deserved to be on this list, your story was so haunting and had an immediate impact emotionally.
    Thanks again, and hello To Marianne!

    • Ruth, thats’ so kind. I’m really pleased you enjoyed it an I hope it resonates with your Mum. It was such a good post and I have read many of your other short story choices and enjoyed them immensely. Thanks again for including me.

  2. Great to see one of your stories on Ruth’s flat pack list. Look forward to reading it 🙂

    • I’m so pleased she enjoyed it. There are some fantastic short stories on her list. A great post. I feel very honoured to be included.

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