Bird: A Short Story

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Bird cover

One of my short stories is free to download on kindle for a few days.  You can download it from Amazon in all available countries. Here are the US/UK links:




A caged bird, an aging mother and a family loss that no one will talk about. This short story delves into the pain and longings of a girl caring for her mother, with an insight into the world through her unspoken wishes.


“BIRD is beautifully written. The prose flows and I felt the chains of the mother’s illness grabbing hold of the daughter as she tries to be respectful and diligent while caring for her mother. I could feel how the daughter wants the bird to fly off but is glad he does not. Both settle for less than life can offer but at the moment it is the best either can do.”

“I am really becoming a fan of this authors short stories, her descriptive style of writing is perfect in portraying the emotions of the story, the struggles and similarity of the mother with dementia, the caregiver daughter and the bird all living in their individual cages was beautifully subtle and yet glaringly obvious. I find the author writes the perfect short stories, leaving you wanting more but not needing more.”

“Bird is a beautifully written, poignant story. It tells about the loneliness and the feeling of helplessness when caring for someone with dementia. Ît also tells about the desire to be released from the “cage” and yet either you can’t or you decide to stay.”


Author: fcmalby

F.C. Malby is a contributor to Unthology 8 (Unthank Books) and Hearing Voices: The Litro Anthology of New Fiction. Her debut short story collection, My Brother Was a Kangaroo includes award-winning stories, and her debut novel, Take Me to the Castle, won The People's Book Awards. Her short fiction has been published in various literary magazines and journals online and in print. www.fcmalby.com @fcmalby

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